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More Items In: New


More Items In: New

Buy Used Furniture in Maryland

Have you been considering buying new furniture but haven’t checked out used furniture stores because you are nervous about the quality? A lot of people have a misconception about used furniture that is based on bad experiences they, or someone they knew, had after purchasing something “second hand”.

The truth is that if you go to a used furniture store you eliminate the risk. It’s not like you are purchasing that new couch, loveseat, or bedroom set from a stranger you found online; you’re purchasing it from an established company.

Come check out our used furniture showroom in Savage, MD to see the difference for yourself!

New for You!

The best way to approach a decision to buy used furniture in Maryland is to think of it like purchasing furniture that is “new for you”. Sure, someone owned it before you, but someone probably owned your car before too; and your house for that matter.

Just because something is “used” does not mean it is bad. Our used furniture selection is made up of quality pieces purchased from offices, hotels, and similar establishments. Their investment in quality furniture provides you the opportunity to pick up some great used furniture at a bargain price.

  • Our used furniture selection includes:
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Dining sets
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Sofas
  • Entertainment centers
  • & more

Come Check us Out

If you are looking for new furniture then why not buy used furniture in Savage, MD at Corporate Rentals Clearance Center? Our prices and selection are great, and you get to purchase top quality furniture that may last years at a fraction of the new furniture retail cost!