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Top 10 Cheap Furniture Stores Los Angeles, USA

Buying furniture for an apartment or a house in Los Angeles may be overwhelming as the cost of furniture may be a bit high but some stores offer quality furniture at reasonable prices.

Here are 10 cheap furniture stores in Los Angeles you can check out if you are looking for affordable furniture suitable for various styles:

1. Corporate Rentals Clearance Center

Corporate Rentals Clearance Center is one of the most popular among students and other working people, as it provides a rather large selection of quality home and office furniture. To the uttermost of everyone’s knowledge, the store possesses one of the best stores that specialize in furniture like office desks and chairs, cubicles, living room sets, bedroom sets, etc. 

Quality control is given immense importance to guarantee the sturdiness of each piece, and their affiliated costs are quite reasonable. This makes Corporate Rentals Clearance Center one of the best options for those who would like to buy furniture and interiors for their building at cheap rates. When you buy used furniture here, you also support the recycling initiatives apart from promoting environmental conservation. Here is the list of used furniture we are providing:

  1. Living Room Furniture
  2. Reading Room Furniture
  3. Bedroom Furniture
  4. Dining Room Furniture
  5. Reading Room Furniture
  6. Stage Housing Furniture
  7. Home Décor

2. M&M Furniture

M&M Furniture has been operating for more than five decades with its head office located in Los Angeles to offer cheap furniture. Their core furniture products include Ashley design sofas, bedroom sets, dinette sets, as well as Serta mattresses. The store is also famous for the excellent and approachable staff and the organization’s motto of ‘sweet deals’.

3. MidinMod

MidinMod provides a wide range of trendy modern Texas Home and office furniture at competitive prices. They directly deal with the manufacturers of their products hence avoiding middlemen and passing the saved amounts to the consumers. Their professional staff guarantees timely delivery and amazing service, which also includes installation and cleaning services, which are called the “White Glove Service”.

4. Furniture Now

Furniture Now is a home furniture selling company and as such offers numerous products embracing sofas and settees, reclining chairs and sofas, dining tables, office desks and dining sets outside, among others. Since they opened a shop back in 2018; they have been on to fans as they deal in modern designs while being pocket-friendly. They also offer delivery as well as installation services with an extra charge on the prices quoted.

5. Valyou Furniture

Valyou Furniture has a store situated in Downtown LA’s Chinatown area and has an artistic and boutique selling approach to its furniture products. They prefer luxurious designs and incorporate advanced technologies to offer pricey-looking products at relatively cheaper prices due to minimal outsourcing. Thus, this store is ideal for people who want to make some changes to their furniture and add some glamour to it, yet do not want to overspend.

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6. 25Home

25Home in Los Angeles City, CA is a Houston Furniture Store Specializing in Comfortable and Trendy Home & office Furniture at Reasonable Prices to Create a Warm and Cozy Mood at Your Home. It is their vision to offer affordable, trendy, and comfortable home and office furniture that will make people happy without overcharging them.

7. SohoConcept

Established in the year 2001, sohoConcept offers modern furniture appropriate for both residential and commercial use. They have a wide variety of fashionable furniture items designed and produced with the consciousness of sustainable development, thus they are considered for those persons who are interested in purchasing fashionable modern furniture at moderate prices while at the same time protecting the environment.

8. EZmod Furniture

EZmod Furniture is a company established in Pico Rivera, CA establishing and supplying modern classic and contemporary furniture for homes and offices. They currently sell at a relatively low price, and they are currently able to ship in the US for free, they have a professional designer discount program. With many items available in their online store, it becomes easier to pick the right number of pieces for any room.

9. McKee & Company

McKee & Company offers a selection of elaborate furniture, crafted by hand, as well as exclusive home accessories. Despite this, the stores do provide quality goods at reasonable rates, enabling customers to purchase attractive and uniquely crafted items at a relatively affordable cost.

10. Cressina

Cressina provides a collection of updated furniture and contemporary furniture with a more emphasis on European style. Some of the main product categories they have in their online store are sofas, chairs, beds and bedroom ensembles, all of which are trendy. This they do through the many warehouses they have all over the country making them able to deliver fashionable furniture within your reach in record time and at equally affordable prices.

Final Words:

These stores include those that are diverse both in prices and styles so they guarantee a product that you would want to buy. So if you are searching for cheap mattresses, cheap sofa sets or cheap home furniture decorations, the above-listed 10 cheap furniture stores in LA can meet your demands. Happy furniture shopping!

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