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Best Second Hand Furniture Stores New York, USA

Best Second Hand Furniture Stores New York, USA
Best Second Hand Furniture Stores New York, USA

Are you in search of inexpensive furniture that also makes your house more charming and full of character? Seek no more than you have got, right outside your door, the great metropolitan paradise, New York City where second-hand furniture stores serve as the hidden gems. Whether you are a vintage lover looking for a statement piece or just need to furnish your home and you are on a budget you can absolutely find something from these used home furniture store MD as they have a diverse range of options. Let’s check out the top places in New York for buying used home furniture for sale!

1. Corporate Rentals Clearance Center

Location: 8840 Greenwood Place Suite A Savage, MD 20763

If you’re interested in authentic clearance furniture with great service expertise, check out the Corporate Rentals Clearance Center. Over the last two decades, they have been catering to different requirements of your indoor spaces – from the living room to the bedroom, now even ensuring your outdoor spaces are well equipped. Whether you need to decorate your living room, bedroom, dining area or reading nook, they have solutions for you.

  • High-quality items at affordable prices
  • Extensive selection for every home space
  • Exceptional customer service and convenience

2. Copper+Plaid

Location: 655 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Specializing in mid-century and Danish modern design used home furniture for sale, Copper+Plaid offers beautiful wooden storage pieces in ideal condition. With high-quality items and a one-woman owned and operated setup, you get what you pay for here.

  • Specializes in mid-century and Danish modern pieces
  • Emphasis on quality and craftsmanship
  • Personalized service and affordable delivery

3. Home Union

Location: 319 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY (Online)

For those in search of pristine condition furniture pieces from the 20th century, Home Union is a must-visit destination. In addition to furniture, you’ll find a curated selection of new housewares, as well as their best-quality rugs and accessories. While prices may lean towards the higher end, you’re sure to score unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

  • Curated collection of pristine 20th-century pieces
  • Wide range of complementary housewares
  • Attention to detail and quality assurance

4. AptDeco

AptDeco offers a convenient way to shop for vintage gems locally and across the United States, all from the comfort of your home. With various vintage sellers onboard, you’ll find something in every price range, from one-off used furniture pieces to dining and bedroom sets in top-notch condition.

  • Comprehensive online platform
  • Wide price range and transparent shipping options
  • Quality assurance through reputable sellers

5. Furnish Green

Locations: 132 1/2 W 24th St, New York, NY & 167 Humboldt St., East Rutherford, NJ (Online)

Furnish Green is a long-standing vintage classic in NYC, offering a steady stream of well-priced furniture often restored by their own team. With a philosophy of keeping prices low while sustaining their business, you can expect high-quality furniture at appropriate prices.

  • Well-priced, high-quality furniture
  • Daily influx of new inventory
  • Variety of styles catering to diverse tastes

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6. Dobbin St. Co-Op

Locations: 39 Norman Ave & 310 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Specializing in boho and mid-century vintage used home furniture store MD, Dobbin St. Co-Op exudes a welcoming and relaxed vibe. Browse through their eclectic decor and affordable art while enjoying a casual shopping experience. Keep an eye on their Instagram for larger finds available for direct purchase via DM.

  • Unique boho and mid-century finds
  • Relaxed atmosphere for casual browsing
  • Regular updates on Instagram for quick access

7. Humble House

Location: 396 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Humble House sources trendy and unique vintage furniture, ensuring good quality finds that elevate any room. While prices may lean towards the higher end, the curated selection and top-notch pieces make it worth the investment.

  • Trendy and unique vintage finds
  • Curated selection for elevated spaces
  • Mid-range art pieces available

8. Cure Thrift

Location: 91 3rd Ave, New York, NY

Visiting Cure Thrift not only helps you to hunt for incredible second hand furniture but also aids in funding for research and advocacy of type 1 diabetes. You will be spoilt for choice as you can have some great bargains ranging from fancy to ordinary depending on brand and quality, all this for a good cause.

  • Supports type 1 diabetes research
  • Unique vintage treasures at varied prices
  • Regular restocking and positive community impact

9. Otto’s Vintage

Location: 5181 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Walk into Otto’s Vintage for a homely and chic style feeling like you are in your grandma’s house. Their inventory is a wide range of treasures that will appeal to bargain hunters looking for something special other than the stereotypical products. Hence, their items are priced very reasonably and almost affordable.

  • Cozy, nostalgic atmosphere
  • Affordable pricing and eclectic selection
  • Impressive vinyl record collection


In general, the top used home furniture stores in New York City present a wide choice for those seeking fine yet inexpensive products. Sometimes, the most important aspect of a house is not just the number of bedrooms or the size of the kitchen, but also how comfortably it can be furnished at a reasonable price. In this respect, various used furniture stores are essential as they provide a great selection of cozy sofas and elegant dining sets that can easily beautify your home at a very affordable price while still looking stylish. So why wait? Visit one of these stores today and uncover the hidden treasures that await!

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