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Shop Vintage Used Furniture in New York 2024

Shop Vintage Used Furniture in New York 2024
Shop Vintage Used Furniture in New York 2024

Are you prepared to go on a thrilling adventure through the lively streets of New York City in search of vintage and used furniture gems? From fashionable Manhattan neighborhoods to vibrant Brooklyn and Queens boroughs, the city is full of secrets, which need to be revealed. Whether you are a long-time antique lover or a new fan of vintage shopping, there are a lot of options in NYC’s furniture scene for everyone. Now, let us explore the varied market of used home furniture stores and markets, which define the lively scenery of vintage and used furniture in New York.

Corporate Rentals Clearance Center (CRCC)

As you begin your quest for furniture, check out Corporate Rentals Clearance Center (CRCC), the premier clearance furniture outlet in the USA. Corporate Rentals Clearance Center is the best choice if you are looking for clearance furniture items that are high quality and you want to have the best customer care. It does not matter whether it is for a home or an office, Corporate Rentals Clearance Center will offer you bedroom sets that perfectly fit your required needs or reading room furniture. When you opt for Corporate Rentals Clearance Center for all your corporate rental furniture needs, you will enjoy smooth order placement and quick delivery.

Furnish Green

Located amid downtown Manhattan at 132 1/2 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011 is where trailblazers of vintage furniture and accessories reside for vintage lovers. A browse through the used furniture store might let you discover jewels at affordable rates – one-of-a-kind furniture items, stylish lighting, or beautiful decor items. The showroom, featuring 25 new things every day, constantly lands is something refreshing to consumers at this corner.

White Trash

If you’re curious to experience a mid-century modern art vibe, you should go to White Trash at 304 E 5th St, New York, NY 10003. This little treasure of a store stands out due to a constant update of randomly found gems and the chance of finding a truly authentic one, budget-friendly piece. Whether you need an iconic design for that special someone or some whimsical gifts for anyone, White Trash, being the vicar, knows what you are after.

Old Good Things

Experience an architectural landmark composed of antiques and reclaimed materials on 109 West Broadway at Olde Good Things. This antique used home furniture store MD displays a handpicked assortment of various collectables, each compacted with a plausible price, with a helpful sales lady beaming to help you with your shopping experience. If you are going to skim through their collection pick up some old pieces which will give exceptional charm to your spot.

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Synonymous with antiques, SYL-LEE ANTIQUES, is a 40 plus years old place situated in the vicinity of 40 W 25th St Gallery #113 owned by a family. The shop specializes in antiques in all forms, art, and jewelry. For customers, they have an individual approach, while prices are competitive. Generously trust our professional team as they will help you to find the perfect product for your home.

Deco Paris French Antique Furniture

Step to Brooklyn and partake in the amazing selection of Deco Paris French Antique Furniture. This place is really fantastic. Situated at the address of 250 44th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, this place stores unique items that shine through every area with a vibe of glimmers. Nothing beats the beauty of Art Deco floor lamps and luxurious Louis XV chairs. Each, of course, has its own tale about royalty and style.


This is your go-to place for vintage aficionados, Chairish offers them various choices of home furnishings and art, available in unlimited selections. Serving both consumers and professionals like designers and dealers, Chairish typically showcases items at the top of the high-end bracket in the vintage used home furniture market. But, as far as transportation services are concerned, it is Chairish which has the upper hand in that they offer this inclusive shipping service that helps you immensely to evade the tedious task of handling logistics on your own by going directly to the seller through other platforms, like others.

Move Loot

Exciting news! For those who are looking to revamp or redesign their homes without the hassle of moving large used home furniture for sale, Move Loot has now opened in New York and is ready to help you achieve your dream space. It’s “just” that easy, pick the day you want and the appraisal will take place; then your possessions will be placed in a warehouse for up to 60 days. Keep them if you like, and you can also return them or donate them to a charity, whichever you prefer. Plug, drop 40% of the price within 30 days just like in consignment shops too. And, if you are the kind of person who is up for an additional challenge, you can even bargain for your purchase.


New York City’s antique and used furniture market is full of different options for anyone who is looking for some special or offbeat pieces with some character and personality. Whether you are browsing through the high-end vintage stores of Manhattan or searching for hidden treasures of Brooklyn and Queens, the city’s colorful furniture landscape will certainly excite and awe you. Take your shopping bags and take up an exciting tour of NYC streets in search of the greatest vintage and second-hand furniture finds!

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